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2024 Directory

Shorewood is preparing to have the 2024 directory printed. If you have changed any of your information  (mailing address, phone number, or other pertinent information), please contact Bob Stine at ( to update your information. The deadline for sending directory information is April 26.

Also, at this time you might want to check and make sure your house key is up to date. A copy of this key should be given to the property manager.

Traffic Signs I

It has been brought to our attention via email, and observation that many of our traffic signs, such as stop, one way, and speed limit are being ignored. If you see this happening do not be afraid to pleasantly inform the offender of that violation and ask them to be courteous to others.

Who knows, you may be the one impacted by the actions of others.


Oak Wilt Disease
Oak Wilt Disease is a fungus that will quickly kill oak trees. The many large Red Oak trees in our community are especially vulnerable.  The Oak Wilt fungus has killed Red Oak trees at neighboring Warren Dunes State Park and Tower Hill Camp Woods.  What can you do to help prevent Oak Wilt damage?  Absolutely NO TRIMMING OR CUTTING OF RED OAK TREES FROM APRIL 1st to NOVEMBER 1st.  Also, REFRAIN FROM USING FIREWOOD SOURCED FROM OUTSIDE SHOREWOOD.  (Warren Dunes has banned all firewood not purchased in the park!).

Recycling in Shorewood Hills?
The best way to contain the costs associated with the abundance of glass, paper and plastic on our planet is to extend the life of our landfills by sending recyclables to a recycling center, and not to the landfill. To learn more about recycling in Berrien County go to the Berrien County Website and click on VIEW THE 2018 BERRIEN COUNTY RECYCLING GUIDE.
The easiest most cost efficient process is to schedule recycling pickup.  Reliable Disposal (269-465-3773) will pick up recyclables and provide a recycling container at a cost of about $4 per month, less if you pay quarterly or annually. The recyclables are picked up every other week on Wednesday.  Don't have that much recyclable material?  Share with a neighbor!

Books for a reading anytime!
On the hill up from North Beach, residents Rich and Naomi have graciously put up a little red "library mailbox"--take a book to read, then return it!


Shorewood Merchandise
Shorewood merchandise (shirts, sweatshirts) are available year round.  Our official sales are at Summerfest and
the Annual Meeting this year, but any other time they are just a phone call away.  So if you are looking for gifts or momentos for visitors, just give Janet a call (203-788-1344) or stop by (12136 Tower Hill Road) to select from available styles and sizes.

We did a great job of depleting inventory at Summerfest this year but we have filled in some missing sizes of the most popular items so look for us at the Annual Meeting on August 12th.
Click Here to view the current inventory! Remember, all profits go to Shorewood Hills!


           MILE MARKERS

Please take note of the mile markers at our beaches....if you can find them these days.  You never know when you may need them!

  • 14.3 - South Beach

  • 14.5 - Middle Beach

  • 14.6 - North Beach


              RIP CURRENTS

Please notice the advisories regarding rip currents and Deer Creek water conditions posted at the beaches.



Outdoor Dinner
Wooden Home Framing




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